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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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donald trump's lawyer says the u.s. president will not participate in the latest pietschmann hearings calling them baseless and highly partisan. here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera the search for a new leader in iraq has begun now prime minister he's formally stepped down after just over a year in office also a poll workers caught up in the violence in democratic republic of congo forcing health officials to scale back their treatment operations. and making themselves heard the protestors across latin america holding simultaneous demonstrations.
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well the white house says it will be taking part in the next step of the impeachment inquiry into us president donald trump he had been given a sunday deadline to say whether he would send legal representation to a hearing on wednesday the white house also says it will respond separately regarding a 2nd hearing which has a friday deadline of course the u.s. president under scrutiny for asking ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son in exchange for military ate it is a big week ahead in the impeachment inquiry so let's have a little look at what's coming up members of the house intelligence committee will receive a copy of the impeachment report that will outline the findings of the investigation into trump's dealings with ukraine then will be a 24 hour period to review it after which there's a vote that's on tuesday afternoon to move it forward to the next stage that being proceedings in the house judiciary committee which is scheduled to sit on wednesday
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it is the judiciary committee which will consider any articles of impeachment against president trump. isn't in washington d.c. she explains now why the white house on the republicans just aren't cooperating with congress on the proceedings. the house judiciary committee will be having this open session on wednesday morning here in washington and that's going to be about 12 hours or so after the house intelligence committee actually decides to vote to send the river results as if 2 week long public hearings to the judiciary committee now there is this deadline at 22 g.m.t. on friday where the president's legal team will need to tell the house judiciary committee if they're going to be taking part in hearings that the judiciary committee will be convening not tomorrow on monday here in washington but starting a week from monday and that is another opportunity which house democrats say will
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give the president the opportunity to tell his side to bring in witnesses to present evidence as this inquiry continues but it is widely expected here in washington that the white house will once again wait until late on friday to say that they're not going to participate because at least from a political standpoint they are now making the argument that the entire process is fraudulent and that this is nothing more than the democrats trying to undermine the president's efforts at being reelected in 2020. other news in the iraqi parliament has approved prime minister his resignation comes after weeks of protests where more than 400 people were killed across the country he will stay on to lead the caretaker government but attention now shifts to who will replace him some of the folks in reports now from baghdad. after only 13 months in office iraq's embattled
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prime minister addle up the mahdi has officially stepped down yet his succession is mired in uncertainty according to the constitution the president is supposed to take up the office of the prime minister until a replacement is chosen but instead of the mahdi is staying on as part of a caretaker government. the largest bloc in parliament led by shiite cleric mokhtar the outsider must now nominate a replacement within 15 days it's a murky and often lengthy process that requires consent from shia sunni and kurdish parties as well as regional and global power brokers 7. more than ever the choice would have to be accepted on the streets it's a daunting task for political parties put himself space the wrath of the protestors the harlow. with the biggest block based on the last parliamentary election we have to nominate a candidate form a government with guidance from tada out saga we will cancel sectarian and
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political appointments system to give the right to the protesters because the people of the largest bloc and the demonstrations are where the sacrifice has been made the candidate the people will be at choices well. but in a lot of people's choice would require fresh elections a key demand of the protesters we want to do so all of this government. they lived in tears god does government just say that and better to govern. for their cause also. politics parties parliament members say that passing these reforms could take up to 6 months we fully accept and fully support the idea of dissolve in the parliament and having a fresh election but that you have to know that this there. first we have to go
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with it we need a government even an interim government a government before holding the elections this week we are discussing even way past their new electoral law. which is overseeing their elections in iraq the new election law currently tabled in parliament suggests an increase in independent candidates at least considerable power in the hands of political parties including the ability to choose the prime minister. protesters say that his resignation is meaningless if they cannot choose the next leader themselves they demand a presidential rather than a parliamentary system whereby the head of state is elected by popular vote a demand that has thus far been ignored by the political establishment seen one of 14 al-jazeera baghdad a soldier and his wife in democratic republic of congo have been killed by an angry crowd they were mistakenly accused of being rebels this was in the eastern town of
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bay in the north kivu province the crowd attacked them after finding guns and ammunition in their banks they were suspected of being members of the allied democratic forces which is blamed for killing more than 100 civilians in the past month. the u.n. peacekeeping chief has also visited benny where there have been protests against the u.n. troops people say that is not protecting them from violence to go bust would be different to the message is that you shouldn't make the wrong enemies we are on the side of the people of this region the congolese people are there any things we can do better of course they are and we will work on it are our partners with who we work with every day also thinking about how to work even more closely with us the f a r d c armed forces the national police the authorities. the world health organization has raised concerns about the worsening violence in eastern democratic republic of congo says the fighting in the area has limited its efforts to reduce the bowl outbreak for health workers were killed and several others injured just last week
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at and so has the full story now from goma. the visit by the director general of the world health organization to go ma was brief but necessary . health workers responding to an outbreak in parts of the region why attack last week by my my rebels in an area where people are still being infected by the disease for died and in this hospital the chief visits those who are injured even one. case could spark a fire so the same thing no actually with a major one of the major security incidents like this one our concern is even more so it may take us longer than you know it would have taken with the progress that we had only seen you have a clue he had the agencies a bomb coordinator shows us what they're dealing with the red sports you see are
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the focus points. it's in mining villages in about 70 kilometers from betty town where most of the new cases have been detected yet it's one of the most unsafe areas and where the health workers were recently killed plans are break important to stop or in backup of this very difficult to access because of the forest area around the mining areas making sure that we have full access to be. the villages and minds of the couple as important as outbreaks. up to a dozen a boiler responders have been killed and several treatment facilities attacked since the outbreak started nearly a year and a half ago w.h.o. has killed on operations in beni because of the current security crisis these affects people tracking the disease we met. in beni 3 weeks ago she's among volunteers who more need to people who've been in contact with ebola patients
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health officials tell us one of the biggest con sons is how people. can safely keep in touch with those they monitor for a ball of symptoms. but if you look out over the last 3 the performance went down because your own mind the person performance last 3 drafts you know up to 59 person and this is a major problem because you want to make sure that. followed and detected early enough. in goma the w.h.o. chief also met to those tasked with containing the disease some of whom have been evacuated from the apollo frontlines because of the and citing security situation health was hoping to reduce the number of the war like a 15 year old by the end of the yard but they also have to think it was a huge waste and you know bang it is not his fault the car was the rough go.
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prime minister joseph mascot has announced he will step down next month he's come under increasing pressure over the investigation into the murder of journalist daphne. 2 years ago. they on reports it covered up by snow my age is definitely in the defiant and under pressure to resign as prime minister joseph most that announced on national television that he's stepping down the president particularly stands i will write to the president of the labor party so that the process for a new leader is set for january 12th 2020 on that day i will. resigned as the leader of the labor party in the days after i will resign as prime minister by the club to stop. hours before his announcement thousands of protesters demanded he resign saying he's too close to people implicated in the murder of journalist daphne could one a girl lisa thank you nice to resign the sooner the better even for his own
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political party it's it's better right now it's. some mess it's a big mess the journalist was killed in 2017 when a bomb went off in her car at the time of the murder she was looking into secret accounts of some of malta elite. at the heart of the murder probe is this man you're going to fenech is a prominent businessman with ties to government ministers he pleaded not guilty after being charged with being complicit in the murder of the journalist joseph most god is very close friends with his now former chief of staff can be can be last week was arrested a couple of times in connection with the murder case can bury had secret offshore accounts with new york and senate. the resignation of top level officials has done little to calm the ngar the demand is now that the prime minister leave immediately there have been some insinuations that he has the in part but genuine sense meant
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is that he's just too close to the people who knows the. most scared was once highly popular among voters he promised that he'd end corruption now an investigation into murder and corruption has ended his premiership katia little personal yawn al-jazeera. in the news ahead. i'm andrew thomas near in northern china and that is part of the power of siberia a pipeline about to bring billions of cubic meters of gas from russia to china and it's a project as much about politics as economics. and dancing across the nation more than a 100 aboriginal tribes in australia joined a cross country ceremony.
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how the weather is changing in turkey the clothes been rolling stroh's produce rains fast science is lebanon a good part of northern syria it's just wiped out the satellite picture but it translates to snow of the high ground in eastern turkey and rain to the south that rain does for a long way south to focus on monday takes it all the way down towards q 8 significant rain seems likely over the plains of iraq and of the high grounds and is iran it turns readily to snow terence a 15 degrees it cools down to some degree by tuesday at 10 was clearly the high ground covered in snow not far away from you this is going to be sundry rain as well and it's creeping rob right side through the gulf you'll notice but it leaves behind it the sunshine is 80 danker it's about 19 in beirut for tuesday so the rain is coming south and not immediately monday it might reach q.h.
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and ahead of it quite a strong wind will bring dusty weather up through riyadh possibly back rain and the not dampen down and the rain chances of just visible quite possibly from bahrain or even from doha which sits quietly and warmly at $28.00 degrees in southern africa we're watching the rains come science they have made it yet but watch out in tanzania could be quite heavy. london to a cost center to special guest in conversation i am here because of colonialists unprompted uninterrupted there's a sense of months but i'm still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading the knowledge and technology meet. me make a declaration for something as monumentally horrific as slavery studio.
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on al-jazeera. the headlines this hour on al-jazeera the white house says it will not participate in the next step of the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump is the inquiry looking into whether he abused his power by asking you trying to investigate a political for iraq's parliament accepted prime minister. these resignations following weeks of violent anti-government protests more than 400 people dead and the world health organization's raised concerns over the deepening violence in eastern democratic republic of congo it says the fighting in the area has limited health workers progress in containing the ebola outbreak. straight his foreign
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minister says china is subjecting one of its citizens to daily interrogations including whilst being shackled pro-democracy yang jordan has been detained in china since january accused of spying by responses yang is being held an unacceptable conditions and is in beijing to release him. there has been a series of coordinated protests across latin america on sunday from mexico down to argentina demonstrators have been banging on pots and pans to express their frustration over the growing inequality and widespread corruption the same happened in chile which is of course been rocked by weeks of violent protests a latin america editor to see newman reports now from something. a wave of political and social unrest is sweeping south america and israel has already been in turmoil for years but in the last 4 months presumably stable countries have a rapid leaving death anger and political instability in their wake
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a very small elite. with extreme violence through history who that's part of living american legion so when the people rebel the rebel violently. first came ecuador where a steep rise in the price of fuel was the last straw an uprising led by indigenous ecuadorians brought the government to its knees. was simple livia will rage over president ever more dallas's insistence on claiming victory in an election marred by indications of fraud lead to his forced resignation and ongoing unrest. but by far the biggest surprise has been chile considered an oasis of political stability and an economic model for the region. anger of a social inequality demonstrations human rights violations by security forces
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looting and vandalism have brought the country to the verge of recession in less than 2 months here in chile the protest shows no sign of abating in fact they are turning out to be an inspiration in other latin american democracies dissatisfaction with the economy and the political status quo have long been simmering was at columbia which has a similar free market economic system is beginning to look like a copy of chile aggravated by already existing violence by drug traffickers left and right wing double groups and a peace agreement with forked rebels that has collapsed amid charges of government saboteurs. the largely uncontrollable upright. as ngs and the weak response from democratic governments threatens more than social order well i think that's a threat to democracy in america so that we have to make all efforts to ensure that this social mobilization these protests in even riots
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don't end up again in authoritarian or dictatorial regimes. inequality isn't new but what is is a region wide awareness that people of all social classes have rights to decent social services and salaries to live in a democracy free of abuses and widespread corruption and most of all the right to take action there's little doubt that credible political institutions and a recalibration of the region's economic priorities can't wait for spawning them could have unforeseen consequences lucien human al-jazeera sent the al. colombia is also faced its 10th day all of nationwide strikes me as the mentioned in a similar way to chile protesters are expressing their frustration over economic reforms and the rise in unemployment. has more from bogota. thousands of
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people are out on the streets in the capital both that a number of gathering points and also in other cities that cross the country a spot of that then a demonstration of this on precedented national strike in that country people are out once again with their pots and pans banging on them that this has become one of the symbolic way here to grow this again i'm number of economic reforms that have been proposed but just painted coup by the government but also the fact that they see that their government has not done enough to implement. these feel they say create still i was signed 3 years ago with 5 grapples and doing enough to defend the community feel either socially there's a major leaders that are being killed in the country or alarming rate and banging on top some bands that is not a traditional way of protesting again not colombia but it has been that this
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symbolic way in which for the tenuously people have come out and you brought this also the fact that the government and local media media have been focusing on sporadic cases of vandalism and violence and not on the fact that these pro days that have a call to this street an unprecedented an unprecedented number of people in that country what's clear is that people are animated and that this strike here in colombia will continue in the coming days. millions of children living in the slums of bangladesh dropping out of school most of them have to work full time just to provide for their families and i don't get any form of education time to chantrey has that story from dhaka. in the real islam of teds go in the bangladeshi capital dhaka 12 year old mohammad hussain knows what he wants to be when he grows up a doctor but he's not getting an education any more than i used to go to school but
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because my father is sick which is why i have to work i want to go to school but we have no money so i have no choice but to work in the slums of dhaka about one in 6 children between the ages of 6 and 14 don't go to school instead they work full time. we had 85 students in this primary school but 20 percent dropped out the reason for drop out is that many of these kids go to work to help their families they are too poor and need to work to survive. merely. population are children most don't exist in any official records or have any proper address life is difficult and often dangerous for them with a high school dropout rates child labor and man and their recent. according to the world bank 400000 people move to the capital every year boosting the population today in the greater doc area to around 20000000 making it one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world the opportunities there. to the people
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who migrated from. almost. factors in addition to that there are climate factors or cycling even the man made factors that also push the migration to the city many have been forced to move to the city because of natural disasters wiping out their rural way of life well they're well on the list of what have. we came here because it's hard to make a living doing farming most of the time the crops are washed away by floodwater my husband is sick so i must work. the government says it plans to build shelters for slum dwellers and to take steps to ensure children's don't have to drop out of school to start working but for 12 year old mohammad that will probably come too late for him to realize his dream of being
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a doctor. dhaka bangladesh a local official in albania has resigned over comments she made about the death toll from last week's deadly earthquake the mayor of the city of duress sparked outrage when she said she was quote satisfied only 50 people died in the quake tourists was one of the hardest hit areas tuesday's $6.00 magnitude quake killed at least $51.00 people and left around $2500.00 homeless a multi-billion dollar russian pipeline is set to officially launched the so-called power of siberia pipeline stretches for thousands of kilometers through russia to deliver gas to china and its owner thomas reports now from northern china it says more than just economically significant. life is tough along china's border with siberia it's minus 12 degrees celsius there's
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not much industry not many jobs most around here use coal to cook and their homes. they burn in co it's obviously very dirty it's polluting and also a lot of physical work but 2 big infrastructure projects are bringing change 1st is this bridge opening next year it crosses the a more river frozen at the moment the river divide russia and china the bridge will link the cities of blago vesture nest and. i walking on the coast trucking of the bridge i feel proud when i tell friends one of the contributors. but it's the 2nd project that is the most significant this is one of the most remote parts of china and just a kilometer or 2 over there is one of the most remote parts of russia and now linking that so is this pipeline it's an economic projects of course but it's all
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about politics to the power of siberia a pipeline is about to deliver gas from russia to cities across china it's cost 55000000000 dollars and on the russian side stretches more than 3000 kilometers the pipeline through china will eventually reach shanghai almost 3000 kilometers to the south but china it means well priced energy that's relatively clean but. other than for heating natural gas can be used to generate power is much better than oil and coal it has much less pollution and if you were emissions of c o 2 for russia the project is unlikely to make much money as the only feasible customer for gas from russia eastern fields china bargained hard. russia was keen because it is facing resistance to its plans to export gas to europe some european countries and the united states have tried to block development of
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a new pipeline to germany they think it will leave europe too dependent on russian gas so russia wants to shore up its strategic ally to the east but china to more russian gas means less reliance on liquefied natural gas shipments from the united states and middle eastern countries potentially implemented by u.s. policy the pipeline then is a strategic link as much as one about money. al-jazeera. in northern china a group of scuba divers are helping with the cleanup efforts after the recent floods in venice have been picking rubbish out of the canals the city's experience weeks of flooding and record high tides activists a climate change and tourist numbers have only made the problem was. from the aboriginal australians have held a nation wide. as the 1st in their history more than 100 different tribes joined together in a ceremony to heal the country and its spirit here are some of the sights and
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sounds shared online from the nation dance. music i think. thanks again to. robert this country come together to do with science was done in unison. with connecting the still. looking after our country. and insinuations that rich people in their next until they go. to school here. we stand together in solidarity with all 1st nations people right across the street and we seeing him dance pay respect and sisters in law because in the land that has
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been this is time immemorial. the headlines for you on al-jazeera the white house says it will not participate in the next step of the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president on trump he had been given a sunday deadline to say whether he would send legal representation to the hearing on weapons this inquiry looking into whether trump abused his powers by asking ukraine to investigate his political rival has risen in jordan with more from washington d.c. well the lawyer who was speaking for the u.s. president donald trump a man named pat the ball any said in a letter to jerry and out lawyer who was the chair of the house judiciary committee that this is not just a fraudulent investigation against the president and his administration but that
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the committee even though it says it's trying to be transparent and to provide the president ample opportunity to defend himself is doing that. the other headlines iraq's parliament has accepted prime minister addle of these resignation he will stay on to lead a caretaker government but the attention is now turning to who would replace him it follows weeks of violent anti-government protests which have left more than $400.00 people dead the world health organization's raised concerns over the deepening violence in eastern democratic republic of congo it's as the fighting in the area has limited health workers progress in containing the bowl outbreak. malta's prime minister joseph muscat says he will step down in january after growing calls for him to resign as over the government's handling of the murder of journalist definitely. 2 years ago australia's foreign minister says china is subjecting one
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of its citizens to daily interrogations including while being shackled pro-democracy writer young german has been detained in china since january he's been accused of spying maurice payne the foreign minister says yang is being held in unacceptable conditions and is urging beijing to release him and a local official in albania has resigned over a few comments she made about the death toll from last week's deadly earthquake the mayor of the city of durham sparked outrage when she said she was quote satisfied only 50 people died in the quake turisas one of the hardest hit areas the $6.00 magnitude quake killed at least 51 people those are your headlines when he says next. county mccall just won't start the protest. could it be a multi-billion dollar loan with tax forgiveness to the corporations the stereotypes of the poorest. on the part of the economic policy did it help to plan recover from its lost decade. counting the costs on i'll just leave.
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the chinese casino empire to rival macau and las vegas has shot up on the coast of cambodia. in just a few years sihanoukville has been transformed from a sleepy tourist town into a heaving metropolis. the money is flooding in but so too are notorious chinese cartels with allegations of abduction. and even murder it seems these gangs will stop at nothing in their quest to get rich quick if they. don't want to see that happening. on east investigates the growing criminal underbelly of cambodia's.


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